Using a key-case size remote control you can always keep your telephone under control.

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When far from the telephone set, you will be able to answer a call, to disconnect a communication or to initiate a manual or sensor-type emergency call by simply using your remote control unit.

Connectable controls:

  • Wired push button
  • Infrared transceivers
  • Radio transceivers
  • Timed confirmation controls (deadman adapters)
  • Alarm center outputs
  • Detector outputs (position, motion, smoke, ....)

Suggested fields of application:

  • Office environment (conference rooms)
  • Health-care - hospitals, home nursing
  • Guarding lonly people - use of deadman adapters
  • Households - signalling the condition of assets
  • Fire prevention - using detectors and panic button
  • Property protection (with loudspeakers off)
  • Security services, control of persons          NEW

Kuthi Zoltán


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Created by GAK Corporation - November -1999 - Gödöllő, Hungary.